pinx pinx Receptionist pinx Manager PinX
• Issuance of electronic keys for smart locks of entrances to buildings and rooms remotely.
Buildings can be apartments, hotels, holiday resorts, camps, business and industrial complexes, etc.
• Doors to buildings and rooms can be external or internal. Exterior doors can be shared and interior doors can be shared or private.
PinX The receptionist issues the keys to guests.

The guest's key can be unlocked:

one interior private door,
more interior shared doors,
more exterior doors.
PinX The manager issues the keys to staff.

Staff keys can unlock one or more exterior or interior doors.

PinX The Configurator
configures the reception and administration functions according to the number and type of connected devices.
Interior private doors
Interior shared doors
Common entrances
The web application uses advanced GSM/GPRS communication devices GSW2 EXIO and the web server to control access to facilities.